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I-VAN Certified Appraisers

Robert and Nora Aftel are antique car enthusiasts and certified appraisers in the International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN)( The network is made up of automotive enthusiasts who have undergone extensive certification training and field study and have accumulated Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Judging Credits before certification.

Robert has been a member of the I-VAN network since 2007; Nora joined in 2013. Together, they serve the Northern Virginia / DC / Southern Maryland area. They are two of approximately 40 certified appraisers nationwide in I-VAN.

Robert's 1964 Riviera

Being part of an appraisal network has its benefits for our customers. I-VAN maintains an on-line communication network to avail ourselves of the expertise of all the appraisers. Further, I-VAN appraisers are not permitted to be involved in employment that could lead to any potential or actual conflict of interest.

As appraisers working with I-VAN, Robert and Nora provide expert unbiased assessments of vehicle value, or diminishment in the case of accident history, fraud, or lemon law.

Robert and Nora love cars!

Robert's MR2

Robert's genuine appreciation and understanding of vehicles provides a unique advantage in determining their value. He grew up helping family members restore cars and worked in an automotive garage during college, developing his knowledge and love of vehicles. Robert has always appreciated the design and engineering that goes into each new car. He now owns, maintains, and restores antique automobiles and motorcycles, along with our modern daily drivers, of course. His love of automobiles and bikes and his desire to help other automotive enthusiasts led Robert to become a mechanical engineer, and later an I-VAN appraiser.


1967 Chevelle

Nora is a car nut by association. She married into the car hobby, working with Robert to maintain their daily drivers. She had very little idea when they were first married that cars would become such a large part of their lives together, enjoying shows, museums, factory tours, and other automotive "vacations", as well as the friendships and camraderie of the old car hobby on a local and national level. Nora has spent many years by Robert's side working on the cars and learning about them. She is an electrical engineer and enjoys learning about the technical aspects of automotive design.


As experts on vehicle valuation, Robert and Nora provide:

Robert and Nora’s antique and specialty vehicles have included (although not all at one time):